Iron County, Mercer Area Trails

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15-May through March 31

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Iron County boasts having approximately 200 miles of ATV trails throughout the county! It should be noted, however, that many of these miles are on ATV Routes. In case you do not know much about ATV Routes, they are generally hardball or utility style roads, and less like a traditional trail in the sense of off roading. While it is always recommended that you check trail conditions before riding, the Iron County ATV trail system is generally opened from mid-May through March, meaning this is a great system to consider if you are looking to get out during the winter months.

Since the Iron County trails span so much distance, it will be covered in multiple trail reviews. This one focuses on the trails around the Mercer area and outward. So make sure to check the map for other trail reviews surrounding the Iron County trail system.

if obstacles and rough terrain are what you are looking for, we suggest you look elsewhere. The ATV trails surrounding the Mercer area on mostly hard packed gravel trails with almost no incline and few obstacles. This trail system is great for the individual looking to get out and relax while enjoying nature…and possibly getting in some higher speeds (while obeying posted speed limits). However, if you are looking for a trail that is going to provide you a more difficult environment and challenge your riding ability, this is not the trail for you. In fact, if you are looking to get some time in on the seat and get familiar with your machine, this is a great trail to visit.

When talking about amenities, the Mercer, WI area is about as ATV friendly as it gets. The trail system runs right through the town, offering places to get gas, food, or even groceries and laundry service! Even once you pass through Mercer and head towards Hurley, you will still find places to eat and get gas along the trail. The Cranberry Inn has a good selection of tasteful food and welcomes ATV riders by being positioned right off of a small trail which branches off from the main route. If you make it about halfway between Mercer and Hurley but realize you are getting low on gas, no worries as you can find Yukon 51 appear from between the trees, offering a place to rest and fuel up your machines and stomach. On a side note, there really are no designated bathrooms along the route, so if you need one we recommend finding one when fueling up or stopping for food.

If lodging is a concern, you will be pleased to find plenty of places which have direct trail access right from their location without having to trailer your machines. If you plan to make it only a day trip, you will quickly notice there are no traditional style trailheads in the Mercer area. There is a decent place to park right along the trail however at the intersection of Railroad and Library St. To help find the correct spot, you can click the trailhead link at the top of this page and the correct location will open in Google to provide you with easy directions.

With an environment that plays to the outdoor lover and ATV enthusiast, you will feel right at home around the Iron County ATV trail system. Whether you just show up for a few hours or plan to spend a few days, you will have plenty to keep you busy with miles of trails littered with places to eat, scenery to enjoy, and places to unwind and relax.


Trail Amenities


Holiday Gass (Milltown): From the trail, take a left on E Main St. and go approximately three blocks. Then take a right on 1st Ave NW and you should end up on the back side of Holiday.

Minit Mart (Luck): From the trail, take a left on W 1st Ave and the gas station should be on your right approximately 1 block down.

Holiday Gass (Frederic): From the trail, You should almost be able to look right in Frederic and see the Subway and gas station from the trail. If you cannot drive right from the trail up behind Holiday, you will need to find the nearest (legal) usable option to get from the trail to the parking area.

Holiday Gas (Siren): From the trail, take a right on East Main St. Then your first left on Hansen Ave followed by your first right. Go two blocks and Holiday should be directly in front of you across from State Rd 70.


There are no designated bathrooms along the trail. However, there are places to stop for food and gas, which do have bathrooms.


Campsites: NA


Cranberry Inn: multiple lodging options and includes a nice restaurant and sports bar all on the same property. They are located right off of the trail for easy access on and off. Additionally, they have a unique lodging option called "the dormitory" if you are traveling with a larger group (4-8) definitely worth checking out.

Great Northern Hotel: a great inexpensive option right along the trail. The hotel is somewhat outdated, however, the price helps in making up for this. They have everything from standard rooms, up to suites with Jacuzzi's in them! This hotel also has a bar & grill right on site and is also right in the heart of Mercer, so other options are easily within 5 minutes.

Home Away: There are multiple cabins and other rental properties in the Mercer area. These are a great option if you are looking to be able to relax and have a good amount of space while also being in a great location. Be sure to verify when you rent that you will have direct trail access however!


Cranberry Inn: As discussed under the lodging area, the Cranberry Inn has a great restaurant right off the trails. The menu selection is good, and the food is about as good as it gets out on the trail! They also have a bar attached if you are just looking to take a break and grab a drink. Just be careful and safe, Don't Drink and Ride!

Yukon 51: conveniently located between Mercer and Hurley. If you are looking to get in some long rides, this is a great location to stop for a quick break, refuel your machines, and grab a bite to eat. It is hard to miss as it is located right on the trail for easy access.

The Pines Restaurant: located in Mercer and consists of a restaurant, beer garden, and ice cream shop. They also have live music on certain dates and can be a fun place to kick back after a day of riding (or just a good spot to stop for ice cream!).