Chippewa Falls ATV Trail

Difficulty:  2/5

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Chippewa Falls,



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Chippewa Falls County is home to a great ATV trail located approximately 20 miles north of Chippewa Falls city. The ATV trail is filled with hills, valleys, and many ponds and swamps; all the while keeping you surrounded by woods. The hilly terrain was created by glaciers thousands of years ago and truly adds to the enjoyment of this trail.

Starting from the main trailhead, you begin down an ATV route towards the trail. Be cautious as you go however, less than a mile in you need to take a right to continue on towards the trail. Continuing to ride straight will keep you on the ATV route, which is a beautiful and calm ride if you are looking to get some extra ride time in.

Once you make the right towards the trail, you will continue on for approximately 4 miles down the ATV route before hitting the ATV trail. Upon hitting the ATV trail you can follow it for approximately 11 miles before reaching the end (which is the second trailhead). At this trailhead is a picnic area with trees for shade, a picnic area, as well as a bathroom. This can make a great spot to rest and grab some lunch while enjoying the outdoors.

Throughout the ride, you will find some winding trails, hills, rocky areas, and a few good mud puddles if you choose to take them on. The scenery on this trail is beautiful and relaxing as you ride through the woods sporadically passing ponds and lakes on both sides. The trail is not overly difficult by any means, but if this is your first-time riding, you might want to start with a less rocky, rolling hills type of trail. Anyone with a title above “brand new rider” however, should not have much difficulty navigating around the area.

This is an out and back trail, so once you finish relaxing you can hit the trail for another 15 miles to get back to your start point. There are a couple ATV routes spread throughout the trail, so if you want to get in some extra riding time, hit those for a few extra miles. The designated ATV trail ends up being about 30 miles; 15 out, and 15 back. If you add in the additional ATV routes, you can get in around 40 miles.


Trail Amenities


None around


There is an outhouse located approximately 3 miles into the trail from the main trailhead. There is also an additional outhouse located at the second trailhead.


Campsites: NA


Rock Lake Resort & Campground: located along an ATV route, allowing you to ride your ATV/UTV's directly from their property. There are over 100 campsites available for use between tents, trailers, and RV's.

Cedar Bay Resort: open year round and conveniently located on an ATV route, giving you direct access from their property to the ATV trail. They offer cabins for rent and also have a bar & grill on the property. If you are looking for some other activities to round out your trip, you can even rent a boat and enjoy the lake.


None Around