Wisconsin Trails


Alphabetical Trails List below


Alphabetical Trails List below


Chippewa Falls County is home to a great ATV trail located approximately 20 miles north of Chippewa Falls city. The ATV trail is filled with hills, valleys, and many ponds and swamps; all the while keeping you surrounded by woods.


The Gandy Dancer ATV Trail System (South section) begins in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin and continues 47 miles to Danbury, Wisconsin. This portion of Gandy Dancer is a winter trail that provides riders with a laid-back, relaxing ride along an old railroad grade that runs through many towns between St. Croix Falls and Danbury.

Difficulty: 2.5/5


Harrison Hills ATV Trails consist of approximately 45 miles of trails with rolling hills deep in the woods. These trails truly make you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere...because you pretty much are.


Iron County boasts approximately 200 miles of ATV trails and routes. You can ride all the way from Mercer, WI up to the great lakes. Most of the trail is easy riding with very little obstacles; the trail provides for leisure riding through the woods. The entire area almost seems to be dedicated to providing great experiances for the outdoor lover.


Parrish highlands is located in Langlade County, WI and spans over 50 miles through Langlade County’s 125,000-acre forest. If you are looking for a trail with a relaxing feel that winds through the forest, this might be the trail for you. The terrain here provides winding trails with a few rolling hills and a mostly dirt trail system that provides that “up north” feeling.

Difficulty 3/5

Wood County ATV Area is located just outside Port Edwards in Central Wisconsin. This unique riding area only offers about 10 miles of trails, but due to its layout and large trailhead with amenities, it is easily somewhere to spend a few hours riding and grilling some food.