Snake Creek ATV Trail

Difficulty: 4/5

Quick Facts


Kellogg, MN

Trail Map

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Normal Season

1-May through 30-Nov

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Vehicle Classes Allowed

ATV: Yes

UTV Under 50": Yes

UTV Over 50": Yes


Dirtbike: Yes

Rock Crawler: No

Jeep: No

Detailed description

The Snake Creek ATV Trail is a 13 mile trail located in the Richard J. Dorer Memorial State Forest. What this trail lacks in distance, it makes up for with in its riding experience. This trail has plenty to offer between its scenic overlooks, muddy adventures, and camping right on the trailhead.

If you are look for a nice relaxing trail through the forest where you can pick up some speed or just meander through the woods, this is not the trail for you. However, if you are looking for a muddy adventure that can offer you some questionable areas, you may want to give this trail some consideration.

Snake creek consists of multiple loops. So while the trail is not very long, it does give the perception of being longer due to the way the trail is designed. Additionally, many of the loops are one-way allowing you to focus more on the ride and worry less about other riders coming around the corner. Considering hitting this trail but worried it won’t be worth your drive? Consider adding the Trout Creek ATV Trail to your day. You will have to trailer your machines there, but it is rather close and will ensure you get plenty of ride time in.


Trail Amenities


There is nowhere to get gas around this trail, so don't show up with an empty tank!


There is an outhouse at the primary trailhead



Campsites: There are campsites at the primary trailhead. They are rather primitive but there is a well for water located on the grounds.

Hotels: NA


No Restaurants or food options in the Immediate Area