A Refreshing Change

22 April 2019

As you may have noticed (or noticing right now), we have made some refreshing changes to our website. Ok, not so much refreshed it as changed it entirely. Our end goal is to make it easier and cleaner to navigate on whatever computer or device you may have. This is also an exciting time because it gives us a good excuse to make some changes and try some new things. For example, we are trying to transition our trail information to a much cleaner and easier place to get information, but also focus on creating in depth trail guides for those looking to truly learn as much as possible about a specific area.

We are also working to create a much clear blog while also focusing on more consistent content. While we have been pretty good about consistently publishing 1-2 videos a week minimum on YouTube, our blog as been rather sporadic and sometimes we go well over a month without publishing anything. So bottom line, we are changing that. We realize some people prefer to read versus watch YouTube, and it often also makes it easier for our content to show up in search engines when you are looking for specific information.

I won't bore you with anymore of the details. Just know that we are making changes, and hopefully they will make things easier for you to learn about and find value in! If you have any ideas for us, or changes you would like to see or believe would make things better, please reach out! I would love to hear from you and as always, I hope to see you on the trail!