Parrish highlands ATV Trail

Quick Facts

Dificulty Rating: 1/5

Open Season: May 1st - November 30th

Trail Length: 55 Miles

Vehicles Allowed: ATVs // UTVs // Dirt Bikes

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Location Information

Main Trailhead 

Second Trailhead

Trail Map

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More on the Trail

Trail Environment

Shelter Areas: No

Wooded: Yes

Other Trails Near By: Yes

Trail Description

Parrash Highlands ATV Trail is located in Langlade County Wisconsin's 125,000 acres of beautiful forest. The trail has many twists and turns that keep you engaged along a nice relaxing ride. If you are looking for a nice trail that will allow you to relax and enjoy the woods, this may be the trail for you. This trail is open to both ATVs & UTVs from May 1st through November 30th, along all 55 miles of its trail. If 55 miles is not enough trail for you, that's no problem as Parrish highlands also connects to both the harrison hills atv trail and the oneida county atv trail system.

Now as for the trail conditions, there are a few different ground types you will find yourself riding on. One of the most common is hard packed dirt. It is clearly groomed, but not so much so that you think you are riding down a road…plus it’s narrower than a road so that helps! You may also find yourself riding down a gravel road, that is because portions of this trail are also used as logging roads. Finally, you may find yourself riding down a paved road, that is part of the ATV route that is built into this trail system. This can be avoided by checking the map and just staying away from that portion, it is not a necessary area to ride (East side of trail system) to enjoy most of this trail system.

As for amenities, there are not a whole lot of options so make sure you hit the trail prepared. If you don’t mind hitting the ATV routes for quite a few miles you can head into Elcho for gas or snacks. There is a campground called Enterprise Campground (technically it’s in Oneida County but has trail access). Otherwise the only other amenities you will find are the bathrooms located at the trailhead. Speaking of trailheads there are a couple, so make sure you check out the trail information of our website to get locations as well as a map. Parrish highlands does have nice trailheads which offer bathrooms, and even a wash station! Plus, there is plenty of room to load and unload even if there are many vehicles utilizing the area.

We hope you are able to check this ATV trail out and if you do, we especially hope that this was helpful in learning more about the trail. Make sure to check out the YouTube video to get a better understanding of what the trail is like. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you on the trail.

Trail Amenities


Camping - Enterprise Campground: Technically located in Onieda County. Enterprise campground has direct access to the Parrish highlands trail system. If you are looking to ride for a couple days, this can be a great camping option as it provides easy access to multiple trail systems.

Hotels - None


Shell gas - Shell gas station located in Elcho is your only real option along this trail. Note that this will require some time spent driving on pavement and ATV Routes to get there, so your best option is to show up with plenty of fuel.


Much like fuel, for food you will need to ride to Elcho which again, will require some time on ATV Routes and pavement. Your best option is to bring food with you unless you don’t mind the time spend on the pavement to get to town.