Wild Country ATV Trail

Quick Facts

Trail Conditions

Regular Season: 05/15 - 11/30

Trail Length: 30 Miles

Dificulty Rating: 1/5

Whats Allowed

ATV: Yes

UTV Class 1: Yes

UTV Class 2: Yes

Trail Description

The Wild Country ATV Trail covers approximetly 30 miles near the North Shore in Minnesota. The trail begins at Lake Country Demonstration Forest and travels all the way up to Silver Bay. Once you arrive near Silver Bay you will find yourself with even more options as the trail can either take you towards town, or spiral off onto multiple other trails. From the Wild Country ATV trail you can meet up with the Red Dot Trail, or the Moose Walk / Moose Run ATV trails.

The Wild Country portion of this trail system is a stright out and back style trail that consists of wooded trails with a few areas of gravel logging roads. This trail may be a great option for those looking to enjoy a relaxing ride with a true feeling of being out in nature. This trail has a few scenic bogs, a few rivers and streams, as well as a few large rocky formations along the trail. Even when accounting for the rocky formations however, this is not a hard trail. In fact, it is a trail system that everyone from all skill levels can enjoy.

This trail system can be a great option for those looking to explore the North Shore while getting in many miles on their ATV or side by side. Make sure to check out our full trail guide to get additional information such as ammenities and more.


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