Moose Walk ATV Trail

Quick Facts

Trail Conditions

Regular Season: 05/15 - 11/30

Trail Length: 22 Miles

Dificulty Rating: 2/5

Whats Allowed

ATV: Yes

UTV Class 1: Yes

UTV Class 2: Yes

Trail Description

The Moose Walk Trail system is located around the Sawtooth Mountains near Silver Bay, MN & the North Shore. This trail can be a great area to start your North Shore adventure on as it connects with the Red Dot Trail, Moose Run Trail, and Wild Country Trail. It also consists of multiple loops, ammenities along the trail, and 22 miles of beautiful Scenary. When riding along this trail you will find yourself deep within the Sawtooth forest riding over terrain primarily consisting of rock and harder packed dirt.

If you pay close attention during your ride, you will find some amazing views between all the sprice and pine trees that make up so much of the forest. If you are looking to get away for a few days and enjoy all that the north Shore has to offer, this trail system is definitly one you should consider.

This trail system can be a great option for those looking to explore the North Shore while getting in many miles on their ATV or side by side. Make sure to check out our full trail guide to get additional information such as ammenities and more.


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