Flat Nasty Offroad Park

Quick Facts

Difficulty: 3.5/5


1775 Highway ZZ

Jadwin, Missouri

Trail Map

No Trail Map Available

Normal Season


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Vehicle Classes Allowed

ATV: Yes

UTV Under 50": Yes

UTV Over 50": Yes


Dirtbike: No

Rock Crawler: Yes

Jeep: Yes

Detailed description

Flat Nasty Offroad Park is one of the most fun ATV Parks I have visited in a couple years! Watch this video to see why you should be riding here.

Alright, so I was extremely impressed by Flat Nasty Offroad Park. It was larger than I expected and had way more to offer than I would have thought. It sits on 850 acres and has miles of trails with many different obstacles.

Flat Nasty Offroad Park is not for the faint of heart. This park consists of many different obstacles and can challenge even the experienced offroad enthusiasts with the many different trails and technical areas.

While this is an offroad park and not miles of trails spanning multiple counties, make no mistake that you can still fit in many miles of trails. This park has managed to pack in miles of trails, and many different obstacles. There are also open areas throughout the park for people to gather and just relax, or watch others try and navigate obstacles.

Trails and obstacles can be found winding through the woods or along many hills and rocky areas. While this trail is not for the novice rider, it has moderate to harder trails. So if you are somewhere between novice and expert, you can still find trails here while skipping some of the more extreme options.


Trail Amenities


There is nowhere to get gas around this atv park, so don't show up with an empty tank!


There is a port-a-john at the trailhead.



Campsites: There are campsites right across the street from the park entrance and a path to ride your machines right from the campground to the atv park.

Hotels: NA


No Restaurants or food options in the Immediate Area