Tri-County ATV Park

Difficulty:  2/5

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The Tri-County ATV Park is Located in Faribault, MN. It is approximately 50 minutes south of the Twin Cities, and conveniently located only a few miles off of Interstate 35.

This ATV Park is 25 acres in size and ranges anywhere from short trails through the woods to large sand and gravel hills along the walls of former gravel pits. The great thing about this park is you have the option to ride wherever you feel comfortable. So if you are concerned about an obstacle, simply move on to something else.

With the decent amount of obstacles in this park, you are sure to find something to do. Ray, the landowner of this park (yes, it is on private land, but sponsored by the DNR) has truly done a great job in utilizing all 25 acres by adding as many trails, mud puddles, and hill climbs as you can possibly fit into a 25-acre lot!

Additionally, this ATV Park also has a nice sheltered picnic area. So if you are thinking about heading out for a few hours over lunch or dinner, think about packing a cooler and enjoying a relaxing meal in the shade.


Trail Amenities


None around


There is one designated bathroom (outhouse) located at the trailhead. This is the only bathroom in the park.


Campsites: NA

Hotels: NA


None Around