Spider Lake ATV Trail

Difficulty:  2.5/5

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Vehicles Allowed

Foot Hills State Forest



ATV  Class 1

ATV Class 2



Detailed description

The Spider Lake ATV trail system is located in the Foot Hills State Forest of Minnesota. It is a well-known trail system and loved by many.

Once you take off from the trailhead you quickly begin to realize why it is loved by many riders as you immediately disappear into the forest. The trails are narrow and much like the type of trail riders would expect when looking for some rough dirt trails.

If it is speed you are looking for, we recommend you go to a different trail system. While some dirt bikes and quads can definitely pick up speed in certain areas, the majority of this trail system is slower, more technical riding. Do not let that scare you if you do not like to get on very hard trails, however, it is still fairly easy to navigate, which is why we gave it a rating of 2.5.

If you are looking for hilly trails through the forest, where the trail conditions change as you go, we recommend you check this trail out. While it is only approximately 29 miles long, the trails wind in so many different ways you really feel like you can spend the entire day riding without hitting the same spots over and over.

One additional item to mention is the ATV park located at the ATV Park Trailhead. This is a great area to work on your skill level and just have some fun. This area also connects with the trail system, making it a great area to park. One caution is there are no bathrooms in this area, so if you need one you will have to drive or ride to the main trailhead.


Trail Amenities


There is one designated bathroom (outhouse) located at the main trailhead. This is the only bathroom on the trail system



There are multiple first come first serve campsites located along the trail system. A good place to start is along this maintenance road, which you can access with your vehicle and trailer and has campsites tucked away right of the road, but also with easy trail access right from your campsite.


There are no hotels in the immediate area. However, this trail system is less than an hour away from Brainerd, Minnesota. So if you are looking to hit a couple trails in the area, this is probably the best area to stay as there are many hotels, restaurants, and other amenities as needed.


There is nowhere to eat (or get gas) along this trail system. If you forget food, your best option will be to head East on 24th st SW and hit the city of Pine River.