Soo Line - Redtop & Ten Bruin

Difficulty:  3/5

Quick Facts





Vehicles Allowed

Soo Line (South) ATV Trail

Lake Mille Lacs area, MN


Redtop: Class 1, Class 2, & OHM

Ten Bruins: Class 1

Adventure Loop: Class 1


Detailed description

It is easy to say that the Soo Line is a staple ATV/UTV Trail in Minnesota. It is widely known and traveled heavily throughout the year. The Soo Line South is a multi-use trail created from what to be an old railroad bed. The Soo Line itself is pretty flat and straight, what is amazing, however, are the trails that have spawned over the years along the Soo Line trail system.

The Redtop Loop, for example, is a very popular and fun trail right along the Soo Line Trail System. The Redtop loop offers riding for many skill levels with its use of “technical areas” along the trail. These areas are designed in a way that they can be used by those feeling confident enough but easily passed by for those who are not ready for the level of riding they provide.

Have a class 1 ATV/UTV? Along the Redtop loop sits the Ten Bruins loop for class 1 vehicles. Be advised, however, as you head down the Ten Bruins, the trails begin to get more advanced. Like Redtop, there are certain areas that can be passed if the rider is not comfortable, however, this trail overall is still more difficult than the Redtop Loop.

Along the Ten Bruins trail, you can break off again to hit the adventure trail! The adventure trail is a lot like Ten Bruins, except there are no bypasses for those looking to avoid certain areas. So while the technical skill level is still more advanced than Redtop, it is less steep than the Ten Bruins trail.

The adventure trail loop ends back on Ten Bruin, near where it meets up with Redtop. Still not ready to call it a day?! No worries, almost immediately after meeting back up with Ten Bruins, you can head down the Eastside Trail. The Eastside trail is another great trail full of rough terrain in the middle of the woods. Once you complete the Eastside trail, you will end up back on the Adventure trail before it meets up with the Ten Bruins.

As you can tell, there are now plenty of options for a great day of riding once you get near the Redtop Loop! This review is only meant to cover these loops, but know there are other loops along the Soo Line Trail System. So, make sure to check out for information about other trails along the Soo Line.


Trail Amenities


Trailside Bait & Tackle: Leaving from the Isle Trailhead, ride about two miles and you will find this gas station where the Soo Line crosses Highway 27.


There are no bathrooms at the trailhead. You will find a couple outhouses, however, where the Soo Line runs into the Redtop Loop.



Snake River Campground: This campground is just off the Red Top loop but has direct trail access. Additionally, there are campsites right on the river!


Hunter Winfield's Resort: Located in Isle and right on Lake Mille Lac's! This resort is a great option to consider if you have a few riders and want to rent a cabin.

Spirit Lake In  & Sweets: Located in Wahkon, this Inn is just off Mille Lacs and right off the Soo Line. It has everything from rooms, to an ice cream shop, and even a patio with Pub to relax after a day of riding.


Farm Market Cafe: Located in Onamia, they offer everything from breakfast to lunch. A great option when you are looking to eat healthy!

Local Bar & Grill in Wahkon (located between Isle and Onamia). Thake the Soo Line to 1st Ave, then turn north on Wahkon Inn Bar & Restaurant: main street.

Muggs of Mille Lacs: Across the street from Wahkon Bar & Restaurant. They offer food and drinks

Isle Bowl & Pizza: Located in Isle (close to the isle trailhead), you can grab some food and relax, or challenge other riders to a game of bowling.