Emily-Outing ATV Trail

Difficulty:  2/5

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Cities of Emily & Outing,



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Emily - Outing is located in the Land O' Lakes State Forest of Minnesota. The trail mainly consists of large loops which connect to one another, allowing riders to enjoy approximately 56 miles of trails.

While there are many loops throughout this trail system, they all mainly branch off from the A / B Trail, which runs through both Emily & Outing, as well as connects to the moose river trail. The Moose River Trail can also be used to access the Moose River Connecting Trail, so riders can meet up with the Soo Line North without ever having to get off their machines.

Getting back to the Emily - Outing trail itself, the riding environment is very enjoyable. While the trail system is not overly taxing, it does offer many water holes for those looking to add some extra excitement. Most of the water holes (especially the larger ones) along this trail system have the option to be bypassed, which makes it great for groups with all levels of riders.

It is recommended that you start your ride in Outing MN. The Emily trailhead is not quite as big and will require more ditch riding to get to the better parts of the trail. Once you really get down the trail, however, you find yourself riding through the forest and surrounded by trees, ponds, and the sounds of rumbling ATV engines mixed beneath the quiet sounds of nature.

For more information about this trail and to gain a better idea of what to expect, watch the trail review above. Of course, with any additional questions you have, feel free to reach out through the "Contact" option on the website.


Trail Amenities


BP: There is a BP right along the trail in Outing. If you are coming from Emily, MN you will drive right by the PB. If you are starting at the Outing Trailhead, go South towards Emily and you will drive right by it. It is located in Outing right along highway MN-6.

Lake country Food and Gas: Located almost across the street from the Emily, MN Trailhead. There is also plenty of room to pull in with a truck and trailer to fuel up before heading across the street to unload.


There are no bathrooms at the trailhead. Your best bet would be to visit the BP in Outing, or Lake Country Food and Gas in Emily, MN.


Campsites: NA

Hotels: NA


The Village Inn: Located in Outing, this restaurant is right on the trail before it turns up Sunset Hill Rd and takes off towards the woods.

Granny's Bar and Grill: Located along MN-6 between Emily and Outing. Note, you will have to cross MN-6 to get there, so keep your eyes out from the trail as it will be on the other side of the highway (runs parallel with the trail).