Trails Alphabetically


Chengwatana ATV Trail

Located less than two hours from the Twin Cities this area has around 15 miles of designated riding trails. It can make a great day trip, and even hosts a gun range right along the trail.

Difficulty Rating: 2.5/5


Emily / Outing ATV Trail

Consisting of many different loops and is designed so can hit trail loop after trail loop without having to double back on the same trail. This system is largely in the woods and consists of multiple types of terrain.

Difficulty Rating: 2/5


Wild Country ATV Trail

Located around the Sawtooth Mountains near the North Shore with plenty of beautiful scenery, the Wild Country Trail runs from just outside Two Harbors to the Silver Bay area. Additionally, it connects with multiple other trails in the area,

Difficulty Rating: 1/5


Moose Walk ATV Trail

Located ins Silver Bay, the Moose Walk ATV Trail is part of Minnesota's ATV trail network that runs along a part of the North Shore. If you are looking for a trail to spend the week, get in some miles, and enjoy some beautiful scenary this trail may be for you.

Difficulty Rating: 2/5