Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide for ATV & UTV Riders

1 June 2019

If you are not an ATV or Side by Side enthusiast. Or if you are but struggling to think of Fathers Day Gift Ideas for that special father or husband in your life, then sit back and enjoy these 11 Gift Ideas to help solve all your problems...OK, really just the problem of what to get the father of your child for Fathers Day. Also dads, if you are eyeing any of these ideas up make sure you share this article or text it to those in need to ensure you don't get stuck with a tie for Fathers Day!

1. Coleman Portable Grill

Yup, that's right! We are starting off strong with something that's not even specifically related to ATVs or Side by Sides. But just imagine, you hit the trails sometime in the morning for a day of riding. A few hours of riding and your can hear your stomach growling to be pleased. So you find a nice spot to pull off the trail, fire up this portable grill and next thing you know you are enjoying some delicious bratts and burgers with a nice ice cold drink. All while sharing some laughs and enjoying nature at its finest.


2. Polaris Northstar Cooler

Our second Fathers Day gift Idea goes hand in hand with the first, a fantastic cooler. Polaris, as in the same Polaris that makes ATVs and Side by Sides makes a cooler they claim can keep ice for 30 more hours than a Yeti! So if your man spends a lot of time out on the trails than consider this bear resistant cooler designed to handle all the brutal elements to include being dropped from a Side by Side. We do still have love for Yeti though, so if you don't want to spend a couple hundred on a cooler consider this Yeti cup that will seal tight to keep those drinks from spilling out.


3. LED Light Bar

ATV Light Bars always make good gifts. If you are not sure whether or not the rider in question has one of these, click the link button below so you can see what they look like (different oens will still look pretty similar) and then go to the garage or find a recent picture and look at the front. If you see something that looks similar they already have one. If not, your in luck and you may want to consider these. A Light bar makes a great gift that you can get without spending a lot of money. Click the Browse Options button below and you will see two different sizes (probably the 20" for an ATV and 30" for a Side by Side). Only thing to remember with these is they will still need a mount for it. So if you are feeling froggy tac on a $20 Amazon gift card so they can find a mount that works for them.


4. Tie Down Straps

Alright, not exactly the sexiest gift idea but definitely one many fathers will appreciate! Tie Down straps are something that are not only practical, but I'm just saying a fresh pair of tie down straps can just make you feel warm and comfortable inside. These Rhino tie down straps are not only a great option, they have 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon reviews, and they also come with a bag. If you don't know, having a bag to store your straps can really be helpful in preventing the life of the tie downs, as well as the sanity of the individual trying to deal with the spider web of tie down straps that can occur when there is nowhere to sort and store them.


5. Guardian Angel Device

These amazing little lights have quickly become a must have for us when out on the trail. They are a great little light that serves so many purposes I could write an entire article about them. They are great for sticking right to your helmet (with the use of a magnet accessory, don't forget to purchase that with it!) that allows you to have a portable hands free light while out on the trail. Additionally, you can get ones with white light on one side, and another strobe on the other. This makes it a great light for seeing while also staying visible when out along the trails at night.


6. A Winch

Winches not only make great gifts, but can be an important accessory for anyone who enjoys riding. The ability to self recover as well as assist in the recovery of other machines can be important...and save you a very embarrassing long walk for help. The one thing to keep in mind, is every type of ATV or Side by Side requires a specific winch plate. So make sure you not only purchase the winch, but also search for "[year make model winch plate]" to ensure you get a mount that will fit their machine.


7. Go Pro Hero 7 Black

If the father rider in question loves to film his adventures (or talk about them a lot!) an action camera might be an amazing gift to consider. If you do decide to venture down this path, I suggest the Go Pro Hero 7 because of its image stabilization and durability. Riding the trails, mud, and rock can be rough. The image stabilization in the Hero 7 Black can really help smooth the footage out. Plus, these little action packed cameras are very popular, meaning there are plenty of mounts and other accessories that can be added on down the road.


8. Mountable Bluetooth Speaker(s)

Having some sounds to listen to on the trail can make a great gift. There are plenty of different bluetooth speakers out there. Where it can get more complicated is finding something that easily mounts to an ATV or Side by Side and provides some weather protection. One option to consider is this Boss bluetooth setup. While it is not waterproof it is "weatherproof". Meaning that it can handle the elements to include some rain, but if you let them hang out under water they may get damaged. Another option if that is a concern is the Altec Lansing bluetooth speaker that has an option to be mounted to a handlebar or roll cage.


9. Lift Kit

If you are looking to get your rider something specific for their machine that will help improve it on the trail check out the Highlifter Lift Kit options. Highlifter makes great lift kits that are available for a Varity of ATVs and Side by Sides. Again with this option however, you will need to know the specific make, model, and year of the machine for which you would like a kit for.