Rhino X300...Flexable Axles?!

Super ATV has recently announced the release of the Rhino X300 series axle. An axle that is designed to flex and bend rather than just snap. This concept is also supposed to relieve a lot of the stress that would otherwise be transferred to other parts of your machine. Currently these axles are only available for the Polaris Side by Side line-up, but hopefully we will see this expand into other machines.

The off-road market is on the rise, a recent report shows that the industry will continue to climb for at least the next 5 years. While that many not come as a shocker to many, there are areas of North America where it seems like the sport is getting harder to enjoy due to more restrictions. Will we instead see more trails open up in those more strict areas as governments release the money and amount of interest involved in the sport?

“The Cat is back”. That’s right, Arctic Cat is coming back to the off-road industry. Textron, who bought the Arctic Cat brand not that long ago has decided to bring back Arctic Cat to their off-road lineup. This comes at an odd time as Textron also recently announced a partnership with Tracker Off-road. So what machines will be made under what brand? Honestly at this time it seems about as clear as mud. Hopefully we will be able to make sense of who is making what and if they are basically the same soon enough.

Highlifter Mud Nationals is coming up for the first time in Alabama from 27-31 March 2019. If you are thinking about going you cannot start finding somewhere to stay soon enough. This can be a great event with lots to see and do, so if you have never been to one of these amazing events it is at least taking a look into.

Let us know what you think of this Off-road Update Idea! Hopefully it will go over with success and we will continue to do it. If you think its terrible however, we would like to know that too. Thanks for watching and leaving any feedback you have.