Tracker Off Road | Same old Textron?

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

On January 22nd, Tracker Boats announce a "memorandum of agreement" with Textron Off Road to create an off road brand called Tracker Off Road. There is still a lot of information unknown, but it appears that many of the Textron vehicles will not fall under the Tracker Off Road brand, and be sold in many additional dealerships due to Tracker Boats wide distribution network.

So not too long ago I was doing some research in the realm of off road vehicles (because...well I love too) and I came across a snippet mentioning how Tracker Boats was going to create their own off-road brand. This was too enticing not to look into further, so over the course of a few days and an announcement from Tracker I couldn't believe what I was hearing. During a company meeting at a Bass Pro Shops in Missouri, Tracker Boats (ie Bass Pro Shops) announced a "game-changing partnership" with the launch of their new brand Tracker Off Road.

Initially, I found this information intriguing. I mean, can a company who has done a good job dominating the boating market really carry that over to the off road sector? As I continued to do research and watch the announcement video Bass Pro Shops put up on YouTube, I became less intrigued and more confused. So as of now, here is what we know.

Tracker Boats announced it would be joining forces with Textron Off Road to create its own off-road brand called Tracker Off road. The new company will begin manufacturing vehicles at Textron's Arctic Cat facility in Thief River Falls, MN. It is not yet know exactly how many vehicles they will pump out, or if they will all be manufactured at the one plant but what types of vehicles they plan to distribute was discussed.

As of now, the Tracker Off Road Lineup will consist of a 90cc, 300cc, 570cc, and a 700cc. They have not yet given a name for the line0up, but I will tell you they look very, very similar to the already existing Textron Altera line-up. As for Side by Sides, they have announced their line-up will consist of the PTV, and EV...which is basically an electric golf cart. The line-up will also consist of the Prowler Pro and Prowler Pro Crew. Now, if these sound familiar its because you have probably seen or heard of them before....because Textron already sells them.

So if these vehicles already seem to exist, are they just rebranding Textron Off road machines as Tracker Off Road machines? Honestly, at this time that is what appears to be happening. Hopefully, over time we will learn more information and they will discuss how these machines will be modified to be more unique to the Tracker Brand, but at this time it appears to pretty much be the same old Textron.

Does this then lead to the question, what's the point? I can't say for certain, but my guess is it comes down to each company benefiting off the others already existing infrastructure. Textron already has a name in the off road environment, as well as a strong background in engineering. Tracker already has a huge distribution network and dealers all over America. By combining their powers in the off road industry, they stand to be a company with a strong engineering background, good distribution network, and already existing manufacturing plant.

Personally, I look forward to seeing if they are able to do something great with the Tracker Off Road brand. At this time, however, I am less than impressed. On the consumer side, it appears to be little difference than changing the Textron logo and replacing it with a Tracker Off Road logo. I do hope as the company continues to form and make changes, they will change the lineup to make it unique and interesting to Tracker Off Road, and not simply be a rebranding.

As more information comes out and we learn more, we will work to bring you updated information. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on your thoughts with the Tracker Off Road Announcement. Until next time, thanks for reading...and we hope to see you on the trail!