CF Moto Uforce 800 Review

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So we decided to really mix things up recently….we sold a Polaris RZR and picked up a CF Moto Uforce 800! Now, if you don’t know what a CF Moto is…you’re not alone. CF Moto has been around for quite a while, however only recently have they started having such a large footprint in North America. In fact, at the time of this blog, CF Moto is the fastest growing ATV manufacture in North America. Alright well this is no way meant to be a sales pitch for CF Moto, so lets move on.

Over the past 2 months, we have had the Uforce out on many different types of trails to include everything from basic sandy trails, to deep muddy (yes we had to test the winch too) “danger” trails. I have to say, after spending so much time in the seat I am more impressed then I expected to be. Before we get to that however, lets cover the specs real quick.

The CF Moto Uforce 800 has a V-Twin 4-stroke engine pushing 62 hp at 53 lbs torque. It has a towing capacity of 1250 pounds, and a dump bed with a 600 lb capacity. It is 117 inches long, 58 inches wide, and has a ground clearance of 10.2 inches. So without wasting anymore of your time, here are Midwest ATV’s thoughts.

What we didn’t like:

  1. First and foremost, this machine has the worst clutch (CVTech) I have ever had on a side by side…wow, that feels really good to get off my chest. It is extremely jerky, and even after riding it for many hours we could not get used to the way the clutch handles. Now, I have been told that there are some basic fixes for this, so I will be looking into that very soon.

  2. For all the amazing extras CF Moto puts into their machines, better seat belts would have been really appreciated. The load these machines down with extras (like trailer wiring) but then throw in horrible seat belts. I would have much rather seen them skip the trailer wiring, and give us some 4-point harnesses.

  3. The suspension in this machine is, well fine. It’s nothing terrible, but its also nothing great. After replacing / fixing the clutch, we plan on putting some bigger tires and hopefully better shocks on this machine. The shocks provided have a rather bumpy feel when out on the trails, and while they really are fine, they just get a little “jarring” after being out on rougher trails for hours. We really only noticed it when out on the trails in an area full of rocks or many bumps.

What we loved:

  1. I think I need to start this off by just saying, all the little things. Never have I seen a company give you so many “extras” (hence their slogan, “ride without compromise”). The truly do include so many extras. For example, 3,500 lb winch..included (even a Bluetooth remote to operate said winch!). Aluminum Alloy wheels with 26” CST tires…included. Actual decent headlights with LED accent lights…included. Welded on mounting options of items such as mirrors and light-bars…included. Yes, we could continue to name off items that other companies don’t that CF moto does, but I’m trying to keep you from closing this out of boredom.

  2. The Alloy wheels with 26” CST tires. Now, we did manage to get this machine stuck, but it took some doing. While they are still only 26” tires I will say, they are easily the best stock tires I have ever had on a machine (No, we do not yet have our hands on the Polaris RZR Turbo S).

  3. The overall comfort and ride experience of this machine has been great. The cab is extremely roomy and always seeming to leave you more room for storage.

  4. Storage on this thing is so great it deserves it’s own bullet point. There is massive storage under the drivers seat, smaller storage and cup holders between the seats, and two glove boxes on the passenger side…all this before even mentioning the dump box.

  5. The dump box is another great feature of this machine. yes, I know pretty much all utility side by side's have a dump box, but this gets a special mention because if its high side walls, and great assist that allows you to easily lift it up even with hundreds of pounds in the back.

  6. The last thing I want to make sure and specifically mention, is the differential lock. This machine (like all CF Moto’s) comes stock with not only 4wd, but also differential lock. Adding this feature to a machine (assuming you do it yourself) could easily cost you over $800. So the fact that CF Moto’s UTV’s are already less expensive than most competitors it is shocking that you get this type of feature without paying for upgrades.

So there is plenty more to say about this machine, and I encourage you to watch Full review up on our YouTube page. I am going to end this blog posting here however, as I try to keep them from getting overly long and dragging out (No one here is exactly a writer for National Geographic). I hope this article was helpful, and please feel free to leave any comments or questions you have below.