2018 Mud Nationals - An event you can't miss!

Well, another Mud Nationals has come and gone...and I have to say, it was the funnest one I have attended yet (ok, it's honestly only been a couple so far). Either way, the Quadna Mud Nationals proved to provide more entertainment and amazing events then it ever has. In fact, I believe this has been the biggest Mud Nationals held at Quada Mountain Park yet. I do have to say in Highlifters defense, even though Quadna is growing it still does not compare in size to the insane Mud Nationals in Jacksonville, TX every year.

As Midwest ATV continues to grow, so does my presence at events such as this (which is utterly amazing and I am so grateful). I was able to get a media pass at Mud Nationals which really helped me get some great footage of events that take place. I was also able to meet some great people who work for Highlifter and some of the vender companies, as well as some viewers of the YouTube channel. If you came up and introduced yourself, thank you. Seriously, it was so cool to have people come up and say they watch the YouTube channel and introduce themselves. For me personally, that was probably the coolest part of Mud Nationals.

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to attend a Mud Nationals Event, it is filled with everything from trail riding to events. When you get bored of watching people pull weighted sleds or maneuver the obstacle course (lol, bored...year right) you can head to the vender area and check out some cool products. Or, if its getting late head back to your campsite and relax by the fire. For a better idea of what it can be like to experience Mud Nationals, watch the video in this blog.

Well, maybe if I was a better writer I could do a better job putting into words what a great event this was to attend. But since I am not a words smith I will just close this post out by saying, if you still want to attend this year they will be at Sturgis, SD (for the first time) in July! So with that, thanks for watching (err, reading) and I hope to see you on the trail.