CFMOTO Cforce Review & Opinions

After having the CFMOTO Cforce for a while and getting some good time on the trail with it. Before giving you some thoughts and impressions on what, undoubtedly may surprise many, Let me give a quick synposis on CFMOTO for those who don’t (which is understandable) know much about the company.

CFMOTO has actually been around for a few decades, it was not until the past few years however that the company really started to take off (especially in North America) when it comes to their ATV’s & UTV’s. The company is now growing at a rather rapid pace, and has a U.S. headquarters based out of Minnesota.

Alright so lets get to my impressions of the Cforce. I have decided to forgo all the basic information on the machine, as you can easily look those up on CFMOTO’s website. So with that, lest get to the first thing worth mentioning which is the lack of storage on the Cforce. Now I get it, it's an ATV not a side by side, but when it comes to ATV storage this machine is definitely on the small end. The second thing worth a mention is the shifting and braking. Getting the Cforce in and out of gear requires that the footbrake be pressed down extremely almost have to specifically focus on shifting. Additionally, CFMOTO put the front brake on the same side as the throttle. I have no idea why CFMOTO would do this, but it's terrible! Now, after a few rides, we did find ourselves getting used to it, but all in all it is just a terrible location.

Water! Another issue (well, more of a concern) we found with the Cforce is condensation and water getting into the headlights (which by the way, where never submerged in deep water). Now, this would not be such a huge deal, except that we also had condensation issues with the dash on the Uforce. I am sure if this happens to you and your CFMOTO, you would be able to take it in under warranty within the last 12 months. However this makes the issue extra concerning since it makes me wonder what type of water issues these machines will have over time.

Alright, so let's discuss some of the things that make this machine awesome. First off, I need to say this machine is way more comfortable than I thought it would be. Now, I did not expect it to be uncomfortable, but I also did not expect it to be as comfortable as it actually is. Seriously, before deciding to buy a different ATV (especially a 2-Up), you should consider at least giving this a test run. Oh and by the way, the comfort carries over to the second passenger (2-Up)on this machine as well. There is plenty of space for two people to ride comfortably and relaxed while running the trails.

One of CFMOTO's big claims is that they offer premium features at a basic price...which well, seems pretty true. These machines come with nice aluminum bumpers, a winch, and one of my favorite features (that can cost you ton's of money to add!) a locking differential. I absolutely love the fact that this comes with a locking dif! Finally, let me just touch on that "basic price". These machines cannot currently be beaten by any of the "big guys". Even before you start adding things like a winch and locking dif, the CFMOTO Cforce is just simply less expensive than its competitors.

So that leaves us with one big question. Are you will to go with a less common brand for a smaller price tag? Let me know in the comments below!