2019 Honda Talon 1000

Well, the long anticipated Honda Talon reveal has come and gone. While the reveal may have been a bit of a letdown in regards to how they handled the event, the Honda Talon itself left us very excited for what is to come. Without keeping you waiting any longer, here is what Honda Powersports has created!

The Basics

  • 999cc Parallel Twin engine

  • 104 hp

  • 28” Maxxis tires on 15” wheels

  • 6 Speed Transmission with 3 modes (Drive, Sport, & Manual)

  • Honda’s I-4WD system

The new Talon’s will be manufactured in Honda’s South Carolina facility and will be produced in two different models, the 1000R and 1000X (comparison below). It will continue to have many of Honda’s features that can be found in other machines such as hill start assist, I-4WD, and the belt-less dual clutch transmission (DCT). Honda has jumped on the Yamaha bandwagon when it comes to a manual mode, allowing riders to use the paddle shifters located by the steering wheel to maintain more control of how they want to drive. If that is not something that you are into, they still have the option to use two automatic modes (drive & sport).


Width: 64”

Fr Suspension Travel: 14.6

Rr Suspension Travel: 15.1

Shocks: Fox Podium 2.0 SQ3


Widt: 68.4”

Fr Suspension Travel: 17.1

Rr Suspension Travel: 20.1

Shocks: Fox Podium 2.5 SQ3

After reviewing the two separate models, it is clear (and Honda has said it out loud) that the intent with the 1000X is to create something more “trail ready” for those who want the Honda Talon for more trail style use versus dune style riding. It appears Honda is trying to keep all aspects in mind and not just focus on dune riders or rock crawlers. Which is why the main focus between the 1000R and 1000X is focused on the machines width, suspension travel, and shocks. Now there are a few other differences, such as the 1000R has a 4+ link rear trailing arm configuration vs the 3 rear trailing arm configuration you will see on the 1000X. The main point of separation however, is the width and suspension.

Midwest ATV’s Opinion

Bottom line up front, if Honda can do in the sport SXS world like they have done in the utility SXS world with the Pioneer, they are bound to rattle some cages. While the Honda Talon is still extremely new and we have yet to even sit in one, it does seem to hold great potential. Even the design of the new Talon left me drooling a little. Personally, I was not quite sure what to think when I heard they were going to push into the sport SXS area, but the minute this beast rolled onto the stage I was on the edge of my seat. The only area in question for me when it comes to the design is the back. I am not yet sure why they left it wide open but hoping to see them do something interesting with that.

As for issues, the reveal of the Talon left us with many questions. For example, how much does it cost?! While It was extremely exciting to start learning about the Talon (officially from Honda), I don’t think they handled the release very well. Then again, I am not a marketing genius so maybe there is a reason for the (what appeared to be) pretty poor release. They might need to take a play from Apple next go around.

I hope to bringing you much more information on the Honda Talon as it gets released, as well as future review videos. In the meantime, please leave your thoughts down below. I would love to hear your opinion and discuss the Talon with you further.