What is CFMOTO Bringing to the Table in 2019?

A few years back, if you would have started asking me about CFMOTO, I would not have any idea who you were talking about. Yet along ever think some “no-name” brand would be a company to consider when it comes to purchasing a new ATV or UTV. Fast forward to now, however, and CFMOTO has not only grown at a tremendous rate, but they have also started to build a brand that is really turning heads.

               Now, this isn’t a sales pitch for CFMOTO but I did just get done filming the 2019 CFMOTO lineup video, and I wanted to share some of the basics on them here for anyone looking at possibly getting a new machine in 2019. While there are some fallbacks to purchasing a CFMOTO (like the smaller selection of aftermarket parts), there are definitely some advantages. For example, you can generally pick up a CFMOTO for significantly less, and it comes with more features right off the showroom floor. Alright, well this is starting to sound sales pitchy again so let's just get into the lineup.


               The 2019 CFMOTO CFORCE has four different sizes, the 400, 500, 600, and 800. The 600 is brand new for 2019, and the 800 has been redesigned and is now called the 800XC. While there have been very little changes to the 400 and 500, I did want to note that at the time I write this, you can pick up a CFORCE 400 for as little as $4,299! That’s pretty inexpensive for a brand-new machine. When you get up to their new CFORCE 600, you are looking at an MSRP of $6,299. That machine is going to give you a 41 hp single cylinder engine with their new Easy-Shift gate system (supposedly that will make it easier to shift…. which the CFMOTO lineup could use). Included you will also get 12-inch alloy wheels, a 2500 lb. winch and sharp looking LED lights. Finally, the 600 comes as a 2-up that provides plenty of room for a second rider.

               Along with the 600, the 800XC also comes as a 2-up version…quite frankly a much more comfortable 2-up option. The CFORCE 800XC has similar features as the 600, however, the engine jumps up to a 65 hp V-Twin with their new dry clutch setup. It comes with 14” alloy wheels which house 27” tires and overall provides 11” of ground clearance. There are some additional features as well, but the final thing I want to note is how the 800 seems to have been designed much more with a passenger in mind over the 600. If you plan on often having a passenger ride with you, I would definitely push you towards the 800CX over 600...provided the extra money was not an issue.


               Moving our attention to CFMOTO’s UTV lineup we can basically skip right over the UFORCE 500 and 800 as there have not been a lot of changes for the 2019 season. Their big news is the all the UFORCE 1000. This machine features a 963cc 8-valve V-Twin engine pushing 79 hp with the same dry clutch mentioned previously in this post. It comes with 14” alloy wheels and 27” tires giving it an overall ground clearance of 11.4”. They increased the dump box capacity to 1,000 pounds as well as the towing capacity to 2,000. While those are all great features, quite honestly there is 1 major issue that would probably keep me from buying this machine…. the seat. For whatever reason, they removed the comfortable bucket seats they have put in other UFROCE machines and added a bench seat. Now yes, you can have three people now, however, I would much rather have bucket seats over a bench seat…thoughts?


               THE CFMOTO ZFORCE did not see a whole lot of changes for 2019. That’s not too big of a surprise as the ZFORCE 1000 was new last year, so I can’t say I expected any major updates or revamping to come this soon. They did add the dry clutch system to the 1000 (seems to be a common theme with the most expensive model in each category…CFORCE 800XC, UFORCE 1000, and ZFORCE 1000).  I do think the clutching in the CFMOTO brand is probably their worsts feature, scratch that. It is definitely their worst feature. So, it is nice to see they are changing the clutch’s in these machines, I just wish they would do it in all of them, not just the most expensive ones.

Well, that’s going to be it for the 2019 CFMOTO lineup. Leave a comment down below and let me know if you have ever driven one of these machines, or if you would ever consider getting one. I definitely understand the hesitation and why many people would say no. You do get a lot of value for your money though, so if you don’t mind taking a risk on a company that is not as large as Can-Am, Polaris, or Yamaha you might find you can save some money and get some good premium features all at the same time. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and as always, I hope to see you on the trail.