2019 Yamaha Lineup Smackdown!

This year was a great year for the 2019 Yamaha ATV & UTV Lineup! To try and make it as easy as possible for you to see some of the changes and our thoughts, we have broken it up by vehicle down below. Like or dislike this way of bringing you the information? Please let us know in the comments below and as always, thanks being here.

2019 Yamaha grizzly

               Let me just start off by saying that I love how Yamaha has redesigned the look of the Grizzly over the years, it is really just a good-looking machine now days. Obviously, that’s all personal opinion however so lets talk about what this beast can give you. As a side note, while the Grizzly line overall has had some changes, for the purpose of this we are really going to focus on the SE version.

               The Yamaha Grizzly SE now rests beautifully on 14 inch rims with 27 inch Maxxis Zilla tires! Speaking of which, uniquely it has the same width on all 4 tires…a feature only normally reserved for the individual that is willing to throw down extra money on an aftermarket set of tires. These tires end up giving the Grizzly 11.8 inches of ground clearance right off the showroom floor. Moving past the tires, Yamaha has put a new generation motor that they claim has a big focus on running smoother with better power delivery in the midrange. Now, this is running the 686 which seems a little odd as they previously had a 706.

               To quickly mention a few of the other features, Yamaha made sure to include beautiful LED lighting on both the front and back of this machine. They have also included a receiver & racks on both the front and back, ensuring that this machine can continue to be used as a utility machine as well as a recreational beast on the trail. Final word on this…..I believe Yamaha has done a great job improving the Grizzly and making it a more all around great option (still waiting on that 1000 snorkel model though!).

2019 Yamaha Wolverine

               This year Yamaha has released the Yamaha Wolverine x2! Now, the X4 was out previously but Yamaha has now brought it out as an X2 (4 seats versus 2). Now as a disclaimer, I would have never bought a Wolverine a couple years back. This machine has made leaps and bounds however and it is now packed with features and really puts Yamaha on the map as a great option for the rider looking at a recreational side by side that doubles as a utility machine.

               The Wolverine X2 currently comes in three models, all of which have power steering so there is no need to worry about buying the most expensive one for that great feature! If you are wondering what separates the base model from the R-Spec SE, it can mostly be used up by starting at the base model which includes your steel wheels and pre-loaded adjustable shocks. From there you start to gain better wheels, a roof, more color options, fully adjustable shocks, and a few other similar features. As for the engine, this is running the same engine as the X4 which is an 849cc V-Twin 4 stroke engine. Yamaha does claim that this is a 32% increase from its previous 700cc engine. The last final note I want to make on this (because I could keep going) …Fully locking differential is included!

2019 Yamaha YXZ

               Alright so I am extremely excited about this side by side! There are currently 4 different models which includes your base model (100R), your Special Edition (SE), your Sport Shift (SS), and your Sport Shift Special Edition (SS SE). First off let me just say, I absolutely love that Yamaha has the Sport Shift feature. That feature alone has grabbed my attention and really makes me want to consider that as a future sport side by side option! Other than the sport shift option, what is really going to separate these machines comes down to beadlock wheels and color options.

               As the YXZ overall, it now comes with 29” Maxxis Bighorn tires. Additionally, they have redesigned the radiator on the rear of the machine and it provides over 30% better cooling capacity. The intake on the YXZ is also more or less snorkeled as it is located higher up between the driver and passenger seats. While I could keep going on and on about the YXZ, let me just close as stating that Yamaha really seems to be focusing more on making the YXZ an overall capable machine. These machines have come a long way, and if I was going to go purchase a sport side by side today, I wouldn’t make a decision without heavily considering the YXZ as a contender.

               While many changes were not discussed in this article, they are some of the highlights I wanted to make sure and mention. I try to keep these articles from going extremely long, but that requires us to leave things out. If you are truly considering a Yamaha as your next machine, I highly encourage you to check out some of the amazing videos available on YouTube…or better yet, go test drive one! Thanks for reading and as always, I hope to see you on the trail.