The only ATV Cleaner I Now Use (Not Sponsored!)

So, if you are like me you really enjoy having clean machines (or if your really like me, you find a sick enjoyment in actually cleaning them). Because of this sick enjoyment, I have always been on the lookout for a better cleaning system. It seems as though I have tried entirely too many…basic car wash cleaners, degreasers, shiners, or just whatever random cleaner happens to stand out on the shelves of the local Motorsports or auto parts store. Well, I think I have finally found something I have confidence in, and am willing to continue to invest my money into.

So, let’s just start off by stating upfront that this is not a sponsor and Midwest ATV is not being paid to write this blog nor promote this product. Ok, I feel much better. Now we can get down to business.

The cleaning product I am talking about comes from a company called Slick Products. And when I say product I really mean cleaning solution. Slick Products advertises a 3-step cleaning system to get your machines from “had a freakin blast riding this weekend” to “check out my beauty tucked away all clean and shiny”. Now I will be the first to say that I thought this “three step process” seemed really gimmicky and was one big sales pitch. After looking into the company however, I decided to overlook this (maybe they just have a really good marketing system in place?) and give it a try.

After deciding I did in fact want to give it a try, I talked with the company (who ironically had reached out to us a couple months back, but sadly we took a long time to follow up with) and they were kind enough to send some product our way. Now, this came with zero obligations. There were no deals, no promotional contracts, just a simple “give it a try, we really think you’ll like it”. Even after receiving it, I still think it took us almost a month before we decided to finally open the box and give it a go.

Now let me just say, I wish we would have gotten back to slick products immediately after they reached out, because now I am kicking myself in not discovering this system earlier in the riding season! The three-step process that I thought was going to be more or less pointless, actually has a purpose…and it works. Not only does it work, but it works well! Plus, it cut down on the time it took to clean our machines and left them so majestically shiny (warms my heart just thinking about those beauty’s all shined up and sitting in the garage right now). I am totally sold on this companies cleaning system and have every intention of continuing to use it going forward (again, not sponsored!). I feel like I have finally found a cleaning system that works well, cuts down on cleaning time, and will do no damage to any part of our ATV’s & UTV’s during a good cleaning.

Finally, let me just close with one important note. Part of the reason I decided to go ahead and give this cleaning system a try, was because of what is behind it. This company was started (and is ran) by riders. Not some guys in a lab or a big business that is just rebranding another product for “off-roading”. The company is managed by people that also enjoy spending their free time riding trails, hitting the mud, and just enjoying that off-road experience. While that might not matter to some people, it matters to me. Since originally trying these cleaners and talking with the company, I feel even more confident that the individuals running Slick Products are down to earth, and really trying to build a product that they not only use on a regular basis themselves, but genuinely care about. And in a time where that seems harder and harder to find, I truly appreciate that.

Now that I have rambled on more than I had intended to let me just say…thanks for reading, and I hope to see you on the trail!


Founder, Midwest ATV