ATV Events Not to Miss in 2019

With the ATV and Side by Side riding season finally here, we have compiled an awesome list of ATV Events Not to Miss in 2019! These Events are scattered throughout the Country so load up your ATV or Side by Side and find some Epic Adventures with some new Riding friends.

One of the greatest parts of being an off-road enthusiast is all the epic ATV and Side by Side events that you can attend scattered throughout the Country. This is a great way to not only make some amazing memories with those you already ride with, but also a great way to make some new riding friends. If you have never attended a large ATV Event, 2019 may be your year. Do you have a stock ATV and are worried you can't keep up? Fear no more, these types of events are for everyone. You don't need to have the biggest, baddest, machine to enjoy what these types of events have to offer.

Rally on the Rocks (13-18 May 2019)

First on the list is Rally on the Rocks, which takes place in one of the most epic rock crawling areas in the world...Moab, UT! Rally on the Rocks is a little unique in the sense that when you register, you pick certain trails you want to ride each day. Then on each day you meet up at the trailhead with everyone else and head out. Other events at Rally on the Rocks consist of vendor boths, Ice Cream Social, Raffles, Catered Dinner, and more.

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Memorial ATV Rally (23-26 May 2019)

Hurley Wisconsin is home to the largest ATV & Side by Side Parade in the Midwest. That's only one event, however. Hurley's Memorial Day weekend also consists of a Poker Run, and one of the "biggest, baddest, mud pits" put on by the local fire department. This area is also has over 200 miles of trails throughout the area. So aside from the events, there are plenty of hotels and rentals to visit right along the trail. Making this Up North Wisconsin area a great way to spend your long weekend.

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White Knuckle Event (24-26 May 2019)

Huntsville Tennessee is home to another epic Memorial Day Weekend ATV event named the White Knuckle Event. This event is branded as the "hold on tight" event and attracts ATV and Side by Side enthusiasts from all over the United States. Head to Huntsville to enjoy rides, live concerts (Brother Osborne will even be there this year), the Nitro Circus, prizes to include a Wolverine X2, karaoke, food trucks, and more! Oh, did we mention this event is also along a trail system that offers over 300 miles to ride?!

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Quadna Mud Nationals (6-9 June 2019)

If you are looking for the muddiest ATV Event on the planet, you might want to check out Quadna Mud Nationals (Often coined "Mud Nats") in Hill City, MN. This event is filled with everything from mud bogs, poker runs, sled pulls, vendors, cookouts, camping, obstacles course, games, and more! This event is Hosted by High Lifter and on top of all its awesome events they even have options like showers available. So bring your ATV, bring your tent (or camper), bring some extra clothes, and enjoy a couple awesome days of trails and events.

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UTV Takeover (26 - 30 June & 25 - 29 September 2019)

UTV has strategically placed multiple events in very different parts of the Country. Unfortunately, the one in Virginia has already passed. However, they still events scheduled for 26-30 June in Oregon, and 25-29 September in Oklahoma. UTV takeover, like many of the other events discussed is packed full of events. Enjoy concerts, ATV drag racing, a UTV rally course, short courses, barrel racing, ATC Olympics (that's pretty unique and awesome), games, a costume party, and so much more...seriously. If you are considering this ATV event, make sure to head on over to their website and see all the crazy happenings going on.

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Rally in the Pines (11 - 14 July 2019)

Rally in the Pines has some really unique events that really set it apart from others. For starters, you will have the option to ride some of the trails that Lewis & Clark followed. From there check out some amazing mountain views, lakes, and streams that Salmon Idaho has to offer on your way over to the historic ghost town of Leesburg during a history ride (seriously, how cool is that?!). All the riding aside, you can enjoy the ATV / SXS parade, ATV vs. Side by Side Soccer, beach ball ATV bash, haunted obstacle course, and more! If you are looking for something unique but still entirely focused to ATVs and UTVs, than this is an ATV event not to miss in 2019.

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DuneFest (23 - 28 July 2019)

Head out to Winchester Bay Oregon to take part in what is considered "the most fun a family can have in the sand". With events such as the drag strip, grudge matches, a kids specific riding area, an ATV course and more. If you get tired of riding, head on over to vendor row to see some awesome products, or OEM row to see some awesome new machines. When the day is over, ride your machine back to your campsite and enjoy some relaxation.

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Full Throttle Saloon Off-road Rally (24 - 28 July 2019)

Sturgis isn't just for motorcycles any more! The worlds largest biker bar is now spending some time focusing on the off-road community. This not to miss event in 2019 is full of live entertainment, tour guide rides, beautiful views, and over 600 miles of South Dakota trails! Still not enough? enjoy other events like a poker run and bar crawl in downtown Sturgis or check out the venders or spend time at the mud bog.

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Jericho ATV Festival (2 - 3 August 2019)

Head on over to Berlin New Hampshire for an ATV event full of live music, a downtown block party (yes, with your machine), a torchlit parade, demo rides, helicopter rides, and more. This year is especially an ATV event not to miss because they will also have the National Touring ATV Big Air Tour going on at the festival. The Big Air Tour is full of high flying off-road professionals and is sure to impress you.

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AIMExpo (26 - 29 September 2019)

No list would be complete without covering at least one expo. So head to Columbus Ohio and see North America's Largest Motorcycle and Powersports Tradeshow. With a new outdoor area, you will event be able to experience test rides and dealer shows on a dirt track. AIMExpo has a focus areas called "The Camp" which will focus on two and four wheel off-road machines.

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TrailFest (4 - 14 October 2019)

Head on over to one of North America's most famous trails and enjoy a festival full of activities. Trailfest is an ATV event not to miss along the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. This event is full of drag racing, a mud pit, poker run, dice run, mud run, scavenger hunt, and much more. If you get tired of all that, your along an amazing trail system that has the ability to keep you riding different trails for days.

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Did we miss a big event? Head on over to the events section of our webpage and let us know, otherwise leave a comment below. As always, thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the trail!