Midwest ATV was originally created to help solve a problem. We love exploring new trails but it became so much work to find them, learn if they were the type of trail we actually wanted to ride that day, and figure out where the trailhead actually starts! Not to mention, are there campsites?  Is there gas or food anywhere along trail? Bottom Line, it became a chore just to get all the trail information.

From that Midwest ATV was born. Trail information is still the core of what I am trying to provide, however it has spawned to include a YouTube channel with trail reviews, gear reviews, and everything else ATV related. Additionally, as the community has continued to grow so has the brand. Thank you for checking out this website, and we truly hope you decide to use this information to find some new trails, watch some great videos, and create some great memories.

Lastly, if you see us out on the trails, please stop us and say hi!